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About US

USUL Group is a leading Turkish company based in Istanbul, with branches and representatives in more than one Arab country, managed and supervised by an integrated team of specialists and professionals. Its goal is to serve investors and those seeking advice in all fields of service, development, real estate investment, tourism, medical treatment, commercial representation, shipping, educational services and everything that your ambition requires in investment, expansion and trade. We offer our logistic services to all countries of the world, and we seek to provide the necessary support to customers and meet their needs in shipping and transportation in the fastest time and at the lowest cost.

Our Services

We seek to provide all the necessary services that help you in the field of commercial exchange in order to provide everything you need in your transactions in order for them to be safe and reliable.

Imports and Exports

Because Turkey is an important commercial and industrial center, we offer our expertise in exporting goods from Turkey to all over the world and open new markets for our customers by importing or exporting their products.

Packing and Packaging

Since excellence is our goal, we provide our customers with packaging services by making sure that the goods are received from the factory, packaged in a way that suits our customer, and making sure of the safety of the products before completing the shipment process.


We provide our customers with all international shipping services that include land, air and sea freight with a guarantee of completing the shipping process easily and safely.

Customs Clearance

We provide customs clearance services through a team specialized in customs procedures, whose goal is to complete the customs clearance process efficiently and quickly and to ensure that there is no fault during the export process.

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